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Witch's Brew! 10 March 2018

The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery books

Hi, Everyone! I hope you enjoyed my sister's discussion of bullet journaling for witches last week. But today I'm back with our usual witchy roundup.

The Olsen twins (remember them?) are coming out with their own line of supplies for witches. If there's any doubt that witchery has gone mainstream, let it end now.

Crystals for prosperity! Just don't blow all your money buying them, because... a smart witch is practical as well as prosperous.

Correspondences are a super-important part of witchcraft, because they juice up your spells. Here's a bit more about how they work, from a hermetic perspective.

About the Author

Jayce Bonheim is a fictional witch and owner of the imaginary coffee shop, Ground, in fantastical Doyle, CA. When she's not busting magical entities, she's solving mysteries and romancing a handsome paramedic in the Doyle Witch cozy mystery novels.

The Doyle Witch cozy mystery novels

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