Witch's Brew! 22 April

Witch news from the Witches of Doyle

A you've probably noticed, my Witch's Brew has moved to Sunday, for now at least. We've been given permission to print local newspaper reporter Tom Tarrant's This Day in History column. And since it's about Doyle, it's bound to be... interesting. Look for it starting next week.

I love foraging. We don't have the varieties of mushrooms as in the Pacific Northwest, but a girl can dream. Ah, the joys of a morel mushroom.

Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages -- a documentary from 1922 that's "new" on the Public Domain Review.

Interview with a white witch.

Just because I love Kitty Cavalier -- when things get rough, think of this.

Nurturing love and relationships through dreamwork.

Heh heh... An updated guide to folktale etiquette, illustrated.

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Jayce Bonheim is an imaginary witch in the mythical town of Doyle, California. You can read about Jayce and her sisters in the Doyle cozy witch mysteries.

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