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Wellhouse Restoration Brings Ghost Hunt to Doyle

Doyle Historical Society


DOYLE, CA. May 5, 2016. The Doyle Historical Society is proud to announce the original McPherson wellhouse has been declared a historic monument by the Doyle Town Council. The wellhouse, built in the Moorish style, was built in 1910 and known for its healing waters.

It fell into disrepair after the McPherson property was split into multiple parcels. Later, the murders over a three-month period of members of the McPherson family, gave the wellhouse a reputation for being haunted.

To raise funds for the wellhouse’s restoration, the Doyle Historical Society is holding a series of ghost hunts led by local historian and paranormal aficionado, Marcus Parnell through the month of June. During the investigation, Marcus will lead attendees through the property, discuss the strange story of the murder of the entire McPherson family, and explore the paranormal.

Tickets may be purchased at the Historical Association offices and at the Doyle Visitor Center on Main Street.


The wolves are on their way, so get ready!

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