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New Riga Hayworth Covers!

I decided to freshen up the Riga Hayworth series a bit, and make it more clear that these are urban fantasy mystery novels with new covers. And... since I was rebooting, I also gave them another edit and polish. (Typos are the bedbugs of the literary world - tough to exterminate).

In other changes, since The Metaphysical Detective was my first novel and is a bit more X-Files-y than the others, I decided to label it a prequel and make The Alchemical Detective book 1. The order is the same, but I think it makes it a bit more obvious that The Metaphysical Detective is something different. Or at least, I hope it does.

You can see the new covers below, and where The Gargoyle Chronicles, the short stories that are coming out in November, 2018, will fit into the mix.

Riga Hayworth Reading Order

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