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Sight and the 12 Days of Christmas

We all know the song. Once you've heard it, you can't unhear it. It's an ear worm, golden rings and all.

But when I started researching the actual 12 Days of Christmas to schedule the upcoming episodes of my new Doyle Witch project, Sight, things got confusing.

First, there aren't 12 days, there are 14 days. The 12 Days of Christmas officially begins on Christmas Eve and end on Epiphany, January 6th. (This is good for me, because my Instagram/Facebook story has 16 episodes. It's also bad news, because I didn't want to post on Christmas Eve. Epiphany is fair game, however).

According to folklore, the 12 Days of Christmas are a time of danger. Children born during this period have a greater likelihood of becoming werewolves, possibly because werewolves are believed to be out in force during this period. (Smudging your house with juniper may help ward them off). The Wild Hunt, a ghostly pack of deadly supernatural hunters, is out and about during this period. This period between two major Christian celebrations and the switch between two calendar years seems to be a dangerous in-between time. Maybe this is part of the reason why there was a Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve?

Personally, this is when I get hit with the winter blahs. The excitement of the holidays is over. New Year's seems like a pointless celebration (yes, I'm a New Year's Eve Scrooge).

All in all, filling this time with a spooky witch mystery made sense.

Follow me on Instagram and watch for the episodes of Sight, starting December 25th. (You can get it on my Facebook page too, but since Facebook doesn't always show posts in order, I have a feeling that even with my labeling, it will be easier to read on Instagram).


A witch who’s lost her ability to see spirits. A corpse with her name on it. Doyle witch Lenore Bonheim will need every trick in the book to clear her name.

Sight Season 1 - A Doyle Witch Micronovella on Instagram

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