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Sight and the Year Walk

Sight and the Year Walk - From the Witches of Doyle

In Sight, Lenore begins the story on a Year Walk. The Year Walk (or Årsgång) is a Swedish tradition that probably dates back to medieval times. This vision quest can only be undertaken on special days, like New Year's Eve, and must begin at midnight. On the day before the walk begins, the walker must seclude themselves in a darkened room, stay silent, and fast (and possibly make other sacrifices). At midnight, the walker sets out to the town church (though some say one must arrive at the church at exactly midnight). Along the way, the walker may also encounter dangerous mythological creatures such as the brookhorse, which would tempt riders onto its back and drown them, or the huldra, a sylph-like creature which would tempt men to their depths. If the walker reached the church safely, they might gain visions in the church windows of what was to come.

Lenore isn't as much interested in the future as in a way to restart her shamanic visions. Maybe this is why her Year Walk goes so horribly wrong. (She also cheated and started walking before midnight -- when practicing magic, it pays to follow the rules).

About Sight

Beginning December, 25th, Kirsten Weiss will release SIGHT, a Doyle Witch micro-novel, on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. SIGHT is composed of sixteen episodes, running through the remaining 12 Days of Christmas to January 6th. Each episode includes an attached photo labeled with the season and episode number, so readers can easily follow the story.

As people spend more time online, storytelling is changing, enabling readers and viewers to engage with stories across multiple platforms – books, social media, games, TV and movies. SIGHT extends the world of The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery novels into 2200-character episodes for Instagram.

About this transmedia work, Weiss said, “In western European folklore, the 12 Days of Christmas are a haunted time. I wanted to create a Doyle Witch mystery that reflected this magical in-between period that bounds the new year.”

SIGHT. A witch who’s lost her ability to see spirits. A corpse with her name on it. Doyle witch Lenore Bonheim will need every trick in the book to clear her name.

Sight image - blue eye

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