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Tea and Tarot

A new cozy mystery series is on its way! Book 1 of my new Tea and Tarot series, Steeped in Murder, lands in May, 2019. Fortune Favors the Grave, a new freebie novella in the same series, will launch at the same time, exclusive to newsletter subscribers!

There will be scone and tea recipes, Tarot, and of course, murder.

I just got the covers - check 'em out!

steeped in murder cover - a new cozy mystery by Kirsten Weiss

Fortune Favors the Grave cover - tarot cards and cat - a new cozy mystery

On a totally different note, in the Tarot reading community, the word "Tarot" is capitalized. I'm wavering on this in the actual manuscripts, because it's not considered gramatically correct. But it looks weird when I write about the tea and Tarot room not to capitalize the word "tea."

This is the minutiae that drives me batty.


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