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Witches of Doyle In-Betweens

In between the Witches of Doyle cozy mysteries are a series of three novellas by fictional Doyle witch, Karin Bonheim. Are they paranormal romances? Or something more?

(Come on, you know me. They're something more!)

Mysteries within mysteries, crises in Doyle weave between the chapters of paranormal romances about shifters and shamans. Can you unravel the secrets within?

Spirit on Fire: What happens when a fictional character writes about a shaman and a fire demon? All hell breaks loose. Spirit on Fire takes place after Bound, Book 1 in the Doyle Witch cozy mysteries.

Shaman's Bane: A shaman on the run and a surly bar owner must keep a pack of wolves – and a murderer – at bay. A mystery within a mystery, Shaman's Bane takes place after Down and is the second novella in the Doyle Witch supplements by fictional witch, Karin Bonheim. And Karin has problems of her own....

Lone Wolf: A San Francisco homicide detective with a secret, and a serial killer on the loose. Lone Wolf take place immediately after Shaman's Bane and will be available July 28th.

The Witches of Doyle In-Betweens


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