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Thank you, Readers!

August book of the month badge readers voted Bound, book 1 in the Doyle Witch trilogy, August's best paranormal book of the month! So thank you, ManyBooks!

They write: "Bound by Kirsten Weiss is the first book in the Witches of Doyle series of cozy mysteries. This is no ordinary mystery, though, as it features a paranormal slant thanks to the magic-wielding Bonheim triplets. The trio lives in the small town of Doyle, California, where they are careful to keep their magic a secret from their neighbors. Unfortunately, a body is found in a coffee shop owned by one of the sisters, Jayce. Karin is determined to prove that her sister is innocent, but along the way, she discovers that there are a lot of other mysteries in her small mountain town. Each book in the Witches of Doyle series is told from the perspective of a different sister and features its own complete mystery, but Bound is a great place to start."

I'm over the moon!

(BTW, there are a lot of great free ebooks over there, so you may want to check them out).

FYI, book 6 in the series, Fate, is launching this November. My editor discovered an error which requires me to go through the whole manuscript again with a fine-tooth comb, and I'm a TINY BIT stressed over it. But, I'm so grateful for her feedback, because I want to make Fate the best book possible. And since Fate is the "flipside" of the non-paranormal mystery in Close Encounters of the Curd Kind, everything needs to line up perfectly between the two books. This is one of those many instances where my editors at misterio press are VERY nice to have!

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