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A Witch's Tea Party

Witch's Tea Party invitation image

Ravenous invite - blog hop Oct 30 - Nov 1st

P.S. Since some of our members are (ahem) old school, I shall explain how our Witch's Tea Party works. First, pointy black hats are optional but highly encouraged. Second, on October 30th through November 1st, Riga's friends will take over this blog site and post blogs here with a Witch's Tea theme.

October 30th:

  • Val Harris from Pie Town will post a pie-in-a-jar recipe;

  • Susan Witsend, owner of the Wits' End B&B, will post a autumn tea cake recipe;

October 31st

  • Doyle Witch Jayce Bonheim will post a Halloween home blessing and cleansing ritual;

  • Maddie Kosloski from San Benedetto's perfectly proper paranormal museum will post a haunted tiki tea.

November 1st

  • Abigail Beanblossom from the Tea and Tarot tearoom will post an autumn tea recipe.


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