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A Meaningful Misinterpretation... Today's Tea and Tarot Blog

-- Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Woman holding tarot cards, King of Swords facing. Photo from Pixabay.

King of Swords

Judgment. Mental Clarity. Authority. Law. Truth. Intellect.

Yesterday morning, I drew the King of Swords and knew immediately what it meant – a certain detective of my acquaintance was going to be a big part of my day. He’s tough. He’s smart. He’s no-nonsense. And he’s all about law and order and about bringing bad guys to justice. That takes some mental acuity. He’s not only able to follow the breadcrumbs to the truth, but he gets human nature, with all its flaws and foibles.

He’s also a bit of a germaphobe, which is not an attribute of the King of Swords. But nobody’s perfect.

And then… I didn’t hear a peep from the detective all day.

What I did encounter was:

1. My business partner confronting me with a budget I’d blown through and forcing me to figure out how to fix it. And I did. It was painful (I hate math and budgets), but I did it;

2. A client who’d committed a minor crime and needed to find a path to redemption (confessing and taking the consequences); and

3. A near speeding ticket. After the above reading with my client, I was pulled over on 101. I immediately fessed up, admitted everything, and the CHP officer let me off with a warning.

So that’s two lessons. First, don’t assume. Sometimes you know, and sometimes you just think you know. Second, the court cards can represent a person, or they can represent the energies and attributes of that card that you need to bring into your life.

In the first case, I needed to step up and act like the King of Swords. In the second, my client did. And in the third, the CHP had all the law and authority behind him. All I could do was tell the truth like a King, and... it set me free.

So if you draw this in a reading, step up. Be the King. Even if the card does mean you’re going to encounter someone else like him that day, adding some positive King of Swords energy to your life is good for the soul. And the pocketbook.

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