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A Mysterious Tarot Guidebook...

Coming May 31st!

--By Kirsten Weiss

the Mysteries of Tarot: ·      Tarot basics―How to manage different interpretations of cards in a spread, how to read court cards, and a clear and simple method for dealing with reversals.  ·      Detailed card breakdowns― Keywords, flash non-fiction narratives, and a deep dive into the symbols of each of the 78 cards of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.  ·      Questions to apply to the cards for transforming your life―Insightful questions for each card to help you dig deeper into your Tarot reading practice.  Don’t have a deck of Tarot cards? No problem! You can use The Mysteries of Tarot for bibliomancy. Hold your question in your mind and center yourself. Then open the book at random. Which passage catches your attention? How does the description of the Tarot card relate to your question?


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