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A New Client

-Hyperion Night, Beanblossom's Tea & Tarot

“Are you still doing private Tarot readings?” Mrs. X asked. (Yes, I’m being mysterious. But the profession of a Tarot reader is a sacred one, and I don’t blab.)

And of course I was still doing private readings. Why wouldn’t I be? But instead of responding, my brain time jumped to three hours earlier and another client.

There are days, or readings, when I am on fire. And I was on fire that afternoon, telling her (we’ll call her Ms. Y), things about her past that left her gaping. The poor thing was in a dire dating pattern. Dire in that she kept meeting great guys for her and then dumping them like yesterday’s news.

So of course, Ms. Y wanted to know about her current love interest. (Most Tarot readings are about love or money. Go figure.) And I told her the truth. They were a good match.

She didn’t believe me. I could see she was almost… disappointed. She didn’t want to hear my message, wasn’t ready to hear it.

I once met a metaphysical detective who’s Tarot predictions were uncanny. I asked about her technique. She looked me straight in the eye and told me it was easy once you knew the past, because most people just keep repeating it.

And that was my client’s future, to keep repeating her past.

Now Tarot can be a remarkable tool for self-improvement, because it takes us out of the ordinary world and let’s us look at ourselves from new perspectives. For clients who are ready and willing, they can take these new insights and run with them, recognize patterns and habits and break them.

My client earlier today hadn’t been ready or willing. She left, unhappy, and she left me feeling flat and frustrated.

“So,” Mrs. X asked, wrenching me back to the present. “Are you doing private readings?”

“No,” I said.


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