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Alchemical Detective SALE!!!

The Alchemical Detective book cover

The ebook version of The Alchemical Detective is on sale all weekend for only .99! So if you've been curious about this paranormal mystery but unsure if you wanted to dive in, now's your opportunity.

There’s a storm on the horizon. Riga’s lost her magic and has come to Lake Tahoe for a fresh start and to spend quality time with her new love. But life for a metaphysical detective is never that simple.

Someone’s killing psychics in Lake Tahoe, and the police think Riga may be connected to the murders. The best way to prove her innocence? Catch the killer herself… if she can escape the monster-hunting “reality” show she’s committed to for long enough. And as the killer circles closer, she may become his next target…

If you love talking gargoyles, smart mysteries, and mature heroines with complicated lives, you’ll love this series. Pick up this page-turning supernatural mystery today! Because this complicated, 40-something detective isn’t like the others... Start reading now!


  • “Five-star book!”

  • “Did I mention her best friend is a gargoyle? Loved this!”

  • “Couldn't put the book down!”

  • “Weiss gains my loyalty!!!”

  • “Great magical detective...”

  • “Should not be missed…”

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