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Big Bad Launches Today!

Big Bad cover - giant pineapple with bullet holes behind a mountain range

Big Bad is here! And I'm sort of freaking out about it, because this is all starting to feel a bit out of control. I'm on a Big Mystery publishing roller coaster, and there's no exit until July 31st, when Big Bucks launches. Aiiiieeee!!!

Anyway, I think it's a fun book. And with a murder mystery game in the back, it's a bargain!

Big Bad

Hi. I’m Alice, a thirty-something ex-bodyguard. I live to sleep in, but I rarely get the chance now that I’m living above my small-town’s dinner theater. Between self-absorbed actors slamming doors at all hours and the theater cat that won’t leave me alone... I swear he knows I’m allergic. Also, he led me straight to the corpse of the theater’s leading lady.

Thanks, cat.

Now my brother, the murdered woman’s co-star, is determined to solve the crime. He thinks his improv and questionable sword fighting skills somehow qualify him as a detective. Whether I like it or not, I’m going to have to solve this murder—and fast—before he gets in over his head. Or gets it taken off.

Big Bad is the second book in the Big Murder Mystery series. If you like laugh-out-loud mysteries, relationships with heart, and stories about figuring out where you belong, you’ll love Big Bad. Buy the book and start this oddball mystery today.

Murder mystery game in the back of the book!

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