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Exploring the (Witch) Mysteries - May 2nd, 2020

Start your day with some coffee magic at Ground - flyer

Okay, I might spend way too much time online. But my time suck is your gain, with this weekly round-up of witchy goodness.

1) Persian rose "love spell cookies?" I've totally sworn off love spells, even when a couple is obviously made for each other. But who can resist these cookies? (And there's only a love spell in them if you bake them with that intention).

2) And speaking of all things irresistable, check out this utterly magical chocolate cake themed around the Greek goddess Persephone and complete with pomegranite juice.

4) And since I own a coffeeshop, I couldn't resist this one (or plugging Ground with my newest flyer, above). Coffee magic!

5) And for you tea drinkers out there, the grounding magic of a tea ritual.

Remember the mystery!


About the Author/Witch

Jayce is the fictional witch and barista from The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery series.

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