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Halloween Mysteries!

I haven't quite gotten into the Halloween spirit yet, but I can feel it approaching. So I thought I'd post a list of some of my Halloween-themed cozy mysteries! Three of these are new.

Never Say Chai! Book 4 in the Tea & Tarot mysteries featuring Abigail Beanblossom and Hyperion Night. Come for the murder. Stay for the coffin race.

Gourd to Death, Book 5 in the Pie Town cozy mystery series. Val and Charlene are up to their usual hijinks at the San Nicholas Hallloween Festival. How far will Charlene go to win the pumpkin race?

Pressed to Death, book 2 in the Paranormal Museum mystery series. No, one is actually pressed to death (that would be a little ghoulish for a cozy mystery). But Val's haunted wine press is causing all sorts of trouble.

Moons, Magic and Mystery. This anthology launches September 7th, and the pre-order price is only $2.99 until September 15th (which is technically after the pre-order, but why quibble?). I've got a Riga Hayworth story in it -- The Sigil Detective, which is set on a Silicon Valley tech campus at Halloween and introduces the recurring character of Hacker Jeff. (Poor guy). This is only available on Kindle, but never fear, when I get the rights back, I'll republish The Sigil Detective separately next Halloween.

Druid. This is the Doyle Witch mystery from the paranormal anthology I was in last Fall. I've added a spell to this edition. It launches September 30th, but you can pre-order it now. It's a quick read at novelette length, which is why it's only .99 (ebook only).


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