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How Often Should I Read the Cards?

Table laid with incense, crystals, and a Tarot deck

--By Hyperion Night of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Greetings, Seeker! One of the most frequent questions I receive is how often one should seek a Tarot card reading. It’s a question with no straightforward answer, because it depends on the type of reading and its purpose.

If you seek a glimpse into the broader trends and potential changes in your future, a reading with a larger spread may be in order. Such readings can be done every six months or even every year, for they offer a wider perspective on the forces at play in your life. They can tell you if you’re in a time of transition or stability, and whether new developments are on the horizon.

But if you're concerned about a specific issue, such as a job search or a move to a new home, a smaller spread will suffice. These readings can be done whenever you wish, as long as the topics differ. It’s best to avoid asking the same question repeatedly, as it only leads to confusion and dependence on the cards.

Remember, the Tarot is not a mere yes or no oracle, but a tool for gaining insight and advice. It works best when you approach it with a clear, well-thought-out question, and take the time to reflect on its answers. The guidance it offers can open up new perspectives and help you find solutions to your problems.

So use the Tarot wisely, my friend, and treat it as you would a trusted companion. Listen to its answers, reflect on them, and use them to guide your steps on the path ahead.

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Book cover: The Mysteries of Tarot by Kirsten Weiss

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