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-Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea & Tarot

Five of Cups tarot card: I will build on what I've got and move past what I've lost

The Five of Cups

Feelings of loss, of something missing, of regret, of disappointment.

Are you ready for some reflection?

I miss the days before we developed this second, online life. The internet’s become a parallel reality, and we spend half our waking hours (or more) living inside it.

True, the internet’s given us greater connectivity. But we also have fewer quality connections. Remember going to lunch with someone without the pings of the phone, the constant text message interruptions? If you’re under a certain age, you won’t.

I think these new, half-lives of ours aren’t just a little sad, they’re dangerous. I worry my time in them is bending my brain toward being more easily manipulated by politicians, corporations, and the media. (I know – is there a difference between these three?).

I have less focus, less patience. And I think much of that is due to my thought processes being reshaped by flickering screens and jump cuts.

But these are the times we’ve got.

And so I consider the Tarot card I’ve drawn today. The suit of cups represents emotions and intuitions. In the Five of Cups, a man in black hangs his head and studies three overturned cups. Two cups stand upright behind him. Will I be the man who dwells on what’s lost? Or will I focus on what I’ve got?

I can’t help that the times have changed. What I can take control of is how I react to what I’ve lost. Spending more time (phone off) with people. Looking them in the eye. Listening. Rebuilding quality connections. Spending less time in front of glowing screens. Remember books made of paper?

What steps can you take to build with what you’ve got and move past what you’ve lost?

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