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Inspiration for Revenge of the Ziti: UFO Sightings in Sicily

--By Kirsten Weiss

When I traveled to Sicily this year, I made a point of stopping at Canneto di Caronia, a village nestled along the northern coast of Sicily to research my upcoming Wits’ End novella, Revenge of the Ziti. This peaceful hamlet found itself at the center of an inexplicable and eerie series of events in the mid-2000s, involving mysterious UFO sightings and unexplained fires.

The UFO Sightings:

The story begins in late 2004 when residents of Canneto di Caronia reported witnessing strange lights in the sky. These lights were often described as fiery orbs or glowing spheres that seemed to hover above the village. Some claimed they moved with unusual speed and agility, defying the laws of physics.

Eyewitness accounts poured in, with locals and even tourists attesting to the unusual phenomena. These sightings were not isolated incidents but occurred frequently over a span of several weeks. Many villagers were left in a state of awe and fear as they watched these inexplicable lights dance across the night sky.

The Mysterious Fires:

As if the UFO sightings weren't enough, another bizarre phenomenon gripped Canneto di Caronia: spontaneous fires. Household appliances, such as refrigerators, televisions, and even electrical outlets, began catching fire without any apparent cause. These fires seemed to defy explanation, leading to panic among the residents.

Even after appliances were disconnected from the power source, they continued to burst into flames. Firefighters and experts were called in to investigate, but their efforts yielded no conclusive results. The fires occurred randomly and with no clear pattern, leaving locals and investigators bewildered.

The Government's Response:

In response to the growing concern and curiosity surrounding the UFO sightings and fires, Italian authorities took action. The village's power supply was temporarily cut off to prevent further electrical fires, and investigators from various agencies were dispatched to Canneto di Caronia to study the phenomena.

Scientists and experts from multiple disciplines, including physics, electrical engineering, and meteorology, examined the area but found no immediate explanations for the events. Speculation ranged from electromagnetic disturbances to geological factors, but none of these theories provided a definitive answer.

The End of the Mystery?

As mysteriously as the events began, they came to an end in 2005. The UFO sightings ceased, and the spontaneous fires gradually faded away. Everything seemed over, though the mystery remained unsolved. The sightings and fires restarted in 2014 and then stopped on their own, leaving authorities and locals were baffled.

To this day, the events in Canneto di Caronia remain a topic of debate among UFO enthusiasts, scientists, and skeptics. While some attribute the phenomena to natural or electrical anomalies, others are convinced that there may have been an otherworldly connection, citing the concurrent UFO sightings.

Susan and Arsen don’t spend much time in Canneto di Caronia and they don’t solve that mystery. They’re too busy solving the mystery of a mysterious death at the fictional UFO-themed B&B in Revenge of the Ziti. And it's only .99 cents!

Coming soon: Revenge of the Ziti

Revenge of the Ziti

Murder, Mayhem, and Meatballs.

It’s been an idyllic Italian honeymoon for lovebirds Susan and Arsen, as they explore the winding streets of romantic Sicily. For once B&B-owner Susan is enjoying staying in someone else’s bed and breakfast, even if that someone else is a tightly wound innkeeper who reminds her a little too much of herself.

But sunny Sicily takes a dark turn when the newlyweds discover a body on the inn’s private grounds. In this Italian-garden mystery, any of the quirky guests could be the killer. Danger lurks around every corner as Susan and Arsen navigate newlywed bliss, Sicily’s historic hilltop towns, and the twists and turns of murder. Will they be able to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again?

If you love quirky heroines, twisty mysteries, and laugh-out-loud humor, you’ll love this short mystery, book nine in the Wits’ End mystery novels. Get cozy with Revenge of the Ziti and start this hilarious whodunit today! (A book written entirely by a natural, semi-intelligent human and not by AI).

​​​​​​​Pasta recipes in the back of the book!

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