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Massive Tea-themed Cozy Mystery Giveaway!

The grand prize winner will receive 11 paperback and tea-themed cozy mystery novels, pLuS a really cool glass teacup and spoon (see top right of photo)!

Just click HERE to enter.

And here's a bit about the tea-themed cozy mysteries included in the grand prize (in alphabetical order by author):

A Black Place and a White Place by Patrice Greenwood. Journey to New Mexico in another outstanding outting with Ellen and friends in this tearoom adventure. Ellen and Tony journey away from her tearoom to Ghost Ranch, but don't worry, you still get plenty of tearoom flavor and yes, hauntings. You can learn more about Patrice's books, her research, and subscribe to her newsletter at

A Rolling Scone, by USA Today bestselling author Nancy Warren. While this series isn't tea themed, in book 3, A Rolling Scone, amateur bakers must bake the perfect scone. Besides, I love all things Nancy Warren and her Great Witches Baking Show series is a fabulous escape into a magical world. Her books are funny and warm and real, even when they're paranormal. I confess, I haven't had a chance to read this one, because it just came out. But everything she writes is wonderful. Join her mailing list on her website:

Broken Bone China by Laura Childs. Laura Childs isn't a New York Times bestseller for nothing. Enough said. You can learn more about her teashop mysteries on her website:

Murder with Oolong Tea by Karen Rose Smith. A delightful tea room adventure through Pennsylvania Dutch country. The characters are three-dimensional and fun. I can't wait to try the recipes! Visit her website at:

Once Wicked, by Cindy Stark. This cozy about a witch with a tea shop is charming, romantic, and fun. Hazel Foster returns to her family's home town, where her great, great something grandmother was killed for being a witch. And the bad news is the town's attitudes towards witchery hasn't changed. Which is a real problem when Hazel becomes involved in a murder, because witchcraft could really come in handy... An even bigger challenge though is the sexy chief of police, who's got his eye on Hazel for all the right reasons. You can learn more about Cindy's books and sign up for her newsletter on her website,

Hostage to Fortune, by me (Kirsten Weiss). I don't think I can give myself a review. That would just be weird.

Matcha Do About Murder, by Eryn Scott. This is book 2 in the Pebble Cove Teahouse Mystery series, set on the Oregon coast. And the author evokes that coast beautifully. I love these unique stories about a young woman who discovers a ghost in the tea house she inherited. You can subscribe to Eryn's newsletter on her website here:

Southern Magic Wedding, by Amy Boyles. It's book 16 in the Sweet Tea Witch Mysteries, and Pepper and Axel are (finally) getting married! Or are they...? These stories are funny and smart and yes, witchy! Plus, sweet tea, because this is the South. Join her VIP club here:

Tearoom for Two, by inspirational author, Susan Page Davis. One of the joys of this book is its middle-aged heroines and tearoom owners, Jan and Elaine. These ladies have seen a lot of life, and they really are inspirational. And yes, there's a tea room and a murder, and lots of small-town charm! Read more about Susan's books at her website:

The Diva Serves High Tea, by NYT bestselling author, Krista Davis. Again, though the Diva series isn't all about tea, this book, entry #10 in her Domestic Diva series, is centered around a tearoom. We have more hijinks from Sophie Winston, recipes, and of course, murder... Learn more about Krista's books and sign up for her newsletter on her website:

The Dough Must Go On, by USA Today bestselling author, H.Y. Hannah. Cross the pond with Book 9 in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries brings a talent show to Oxford. Enjoy the very best in traditional English refreshments, plus murder... And be sure to check out HY's website, here:



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