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Moons, Magic & Mystery is Here!

Ebook cover of Moons, Magic and Mystery, an anthology of paranormal cozy shorts

Trick or treat, magick feat, give me something good to read!

It’s alive! Remember that Anthology of paranormal cozy stories I mentioned—It’s RELEASE DAY! Each author has shared a brand new story from their supernatural sleuthing world and you can get the whole kit and kaboodle for only 2.99c/p. Price goes up to 5.99c/p on September 15th!

Moons, Magic, and Mystery: An Athology of Paranormal Cozy Shorts

A harvest moon. A hidden clue. What’s an amateur sleuth to do?

Witches, psychics, and supernatural sidekicks. 16 magical mysteries await!

Solve cryptic cases, unravel celestial clues, and investigate lunar legends in this exciting collection of paranormal cozy mystery short stories from your favorite witchy authors.

If you’re looking for page-turning mysteries to keep you entertained this Hallow’s Eve, your search is over!

This enchanting anthology includes 700+ pages of humorous magical mystery from:

Amorette Anderson, Sam Cheever, Molly Fitz, Nikki Haverstock, Jane Hinchey, Erin Johnson, Shéa MacLeod, Wendy Meadows, Nova Nelson, Summer Prescott, Rebecca Regnier, Trixie Silvertale, Lily Webb, Kirsten Weiss, JA Whiting, and Morgan Vale.

Can these amateur sleuths crack the cases or will the tides take a deadly turn?

Buy Moons, Magic, and Mystery to brew up some mystical whodunits today!

Oh, and did I mention these spooky sleuths will only be available for 90 days. LIMITED TIME ALERT!! So, grab your copy now and enjoy a spooktacular Halloween read!

For those of you who've been missing Riga Hayworth, she's included, in the novelette-length story, The Sigil Detective!

Metaphysical detective Riga was never all powerful, but she was once a lot more magical than she is now. Now, she's back to basics... and trapped in a faux-Viking village. But will brains and the basics of magic be enough to bring a murderer to justice?

GET YOURS TODAY 👉 Moons, Magic, and Mystery!

Happy reading!

Kirsten Weiss

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