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Never Say Chai Trailer!

Recently, I discovered how to make videos on Canva and probably spent way too much time playing with this one. I've always thought typical book trailers were a bit, well, boring. I'd much prefer to make an ad for the tearoom than for the book, though of course I need to twist it a bit so it's clear it's actually for a mystery novel and not a real tearoom...

Anyway, here's my non-masterpiece!

It’s Halloween season in small town San Borromeo, and Abigail and Hyperion are determined to make Beanblossom’s Tea & Tarot spooktacular. But when Hyperion’s boyfriend, Detective Tony Chase, is arrested at Beanblossom’s for murder, the duo is certain someone’s playing a nasty trick. And when the official investigation turns into a witch hunt, the stakes to unearth the truth are raised…

But a clever killer has plans to squash their investigation… and the two amateur detectives. If they don’t solve this puzzle—and fast—it will be out of the cauldron and into the fire for them both.

Never Say Chai is the fourth book in the Tea and Tarot cozy mystery series. A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with quirky characters, pets, and murder! Perfect for fans of Jana DeLeon, Janet Evanovich, and Donna Andrews. Pre-order the book for $3.99 before the price goes up in September.

Tearoom recipes in the back of the book!

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