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Of Swift-Moving Superpowers: A Tea & Tarot Blog

--Hyperion Night, of Beanblossom's Tea and Tarot

Eight of Wands: Swift movement. Activity. Good news. (And the occasional check in the mail).

Not only does my business partner, Abigail, have an uncanny ability to know exactly which envelope will contain a check, she can seemingly echolocate the envelopes as well. I once misplaced an envelope with a very nice check in it somewhere in my office. Abigail found me tearing through my desk in a hapless fury. When I told her the problem, she turned in place, pressed her finger to her nose (I kid you not), then pointed at a box full of envelopes. She walked to it and pulled mine out. I must have dropped it in there by mistake.

This would be a much more exciting superpower if checks weren’t going the way of the dodo.


This is all a way of working into the Eight of Wands. Because Abigail’s swift, unerring action was totally an Eight of Wands power move, (especially with the big money ending).

The Eight of Wands can be a call for you to act swiftly and decisively, or… it can mean someone or something else is moving fast and will impact you. Possibly directly in the chest (those reversed cards can be painful, when they're not a simple diminishment of the card’s meaning). As in all readings, the interpretation depends on the situation and the cards around it.

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