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Paranormal News! 10 Sept., 2021

The countdown to autumn is on! And the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum is cooling off with more exhibits, shows, and lectures! So stop on by. There's always something new to experience at the Paranormal Museum. So stop by, get a Paranormal Museum hoodie, and take a selfie with Bigfoot!

And now, here's my roundup of paranormal news of the week! For some reason, the stories are heavy in the cryptozoology department...

1) Man terrorized by tree-throwing Bigfoot!

2) Has the Loch Ness monster been captured on sonar?

3) Giant cats sighted in England!

4) MUFON closes its report on the sighting of a winged being at O'Hare airport.

5) Was a ghost captured in this photo from the Eastbury Manor House? (Whew! I managed to include something that wasn't monstrous!).


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