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Paranormal News! 11 June, 2021

It's summer in central California, and thank goodness the Paranormal Museum has air conditioning! (So come on down, if you want to cool off and explore some paranormal mysteries!). And speaking of mysteries, here's my top-five roundup of paranormal news of the week!

1) A crate containing a "captured sasquatch" was transported down highways to its new home in Colorado, and people had questions.

2) NASA is turning to a serious study of UFOs.

3) Is Daredevil actually possible? According to a study, humans can actually learn to echo locate, and in a surpringly short amount of fime.

4) Paranormal investigators stake out a haunted site from WWII and may have caught a ghost on film.

5) A secret entrance at Disney's haunted mansion... (which happens to be my favorite ride).

Selfie photo with Bigfoot statue. Meet Bigfoot at the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum! Stop by and take a selfie! Hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 10 - 5 PM


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