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Paranormal News! 18 Dec., 2020

This will be the last paranormal news update for 2020, because I'll be happy holidaying and... 2020 can't get weirder and more paranormal. Can it?

But never fear! The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum will be back with more paranormal mystery in 2021.

1) Winged humanoid (mothman? vampire?) sighted near Oregon, Wisconsin.

2) Mystery sounds shake a small community in New Jersey.

3) Archaeologists discover the builders of Stonehenge were more advanced than first believed.

4) Baltimore realtor puts "not haunted" signs on homes for sale... once she's convinced they're ghost free.

5) Tarot card paintings by surrealist Leonora Carrington recently discovered - and now they're a an actual Tarot deck.

And speaking of Tarot, the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum has an original, 1st edition Rider Waite Smith deck for you to view in our Fortune Telling Room. So stop by for a visit!

Promotion for the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum - Stop by the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum to experience relics of America's spiritualist past plus antique tarot decks.


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