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Paranormal News! 18 June, 2021

Welcome to summer (almost) and this week in paranormal mysteries! Even though it's not quite summer, central California is broiling hot. But never fear. We have A/C at the museum!

1) Some ghosts are recurring, in that they show up on the same day each year. Here's a list of reappearing June ghosts in the UK.

2) Time traveling Buddhist exorcist claims the London Underground is his time machine. Okay then.

3) The UAP report from the US government is coming soon, and people have questions. (UAP is the modern acronym for UFO).

4) Is this the oldest Bigfoot photo or the oldest cryptozoology conspiracy?

5) Mermaid blamed for a fatal car crash in Jamaica.

Photo of mermaid under water. The San Benedetto Pararnormal Museum brings you... MERMAIDS. A special photography exhibit. Find it in our gallery! Wednesday - Sunday, 10AM - 5 PM.


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