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Paranormal News! 19 Feb., 2021

The cherry and plum trees are starting to blossom in San Benedetto. It may not as spectacular as Kyoto or Washington DC., but they definitely brighten things up outside the Paranormal Museum. So stop on by and get some photos!

And now, the top 5 in paranormal mysteries...

2) The Chinese government promises it is absolutely NOT building a time machine. Which of course makes everyone think they're trying to do it. Seriously, are we being punked?

3) For me, Lititz, PA is known for pretzels, chocolate, and some good Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. But now this small town might be known for... Bigfoot tricksters?

5) A lot more people than you might think have had paranormal experiences. Here are ten musicians who've experienced the supernatural (and no, I'm not speaking metaphorically).

Take a selfie with Bigfoot at the San Benedetto Parannoral Museum. Open Wednesday - Sunday, ten A.M. to six P.M.

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