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Paranormal News! 2 June 2023

The museum just got our first ever donation, a Yoruba divination bowl! I've got some research to do on it to figure out how best to exhibit it, but it's a beauty!

Yoruba divination bowl

I'm a little obsessed. But I still have time for the paranormal news of the week!

1) It's all about semantics. Because if ghosts are "real," then technically, they're not paranormal. OR ARE THEY???

2) Footprints from a creature (Bigfoot?) that would have to be 20-feet high discovered in Joshua Tree, CA. They're calling it the "Goliath" Bigfoot.

3) Something strange is happening in Loch Ness, claims Nessie hunter.

4) Child fashion designer claims he was Gucci in a past life and has the designs to prove it.

5) Are cell phones the new Ouija boards? A study aims to find out.


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