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Paranormal News! 25 June, 2021

We're in central California, and it's devilishly, supernaturally hot this summer. But never fear, San Benedetto's wineries have lovely, cool shady areas, and of course, the museum is air conditioned. So come on down and enjoy some spirits and paranormal mystery!

1) Utah's Skinwalker Ranch isn't the only ranch infested with the supernatural. There's also one in Colorado.

2) Felicitazioni - a paranormal story told over Instagram. This is one of those great ideas I wish I'd thought of, and wish I had the photography chops to implement. But I didn't, and it's pretty cool. A young couple moves into their dream home in 1970s Italy and... it turns into a horror story. To see the entire story, click on the Act 1, Act 2, etc. stories near the top of the Instagram feed. The first three acts are available; the last 2 are coming soon. (FYI, there's some nudity).

3) Okay, I confess I'm only including this story because I miss all those crazy tabloids you used to see in the supermarket. WOMAN SAYS ALIENS MAKE BETTER BOYFRIENDS.

5) And here's a shout-out to the new Bigfoot Museum in West Virginia. Congratulations on your opening! The world needs more paranormal and cryptozoological museums!

The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum Brings You: Meet Bigfoot. Stop by and take a selfie, and browse our collection of Tarot decks and paranormal items. Open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 AM - 5 PM.

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