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Paranormal News! 27 August, 2021

The great thing about paranormal mysteries is that they just keep on coming. There are still so many mysteries to solve about our world and our minds, and... I'm blathering. Here are my pick for the top 5 paranormal news stories this week.

1) At the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum, we love reviews. Please, leave a review. Seriously. But this review of Loch Ness from a disgruntled tourist... I dunno. It seems a little unfair, if hilarious.

4) Strange encounters with stranger American cryptids... (And speaking of cryptids, don't miss our lecture tonight on the Fresno Alien! See below for details).

5) If you've been watching the supernatural drama The Gift on Netflix, you may be familiar with the ancient site of Gobekli Tepli. The site is 6,000 years older, and may hold the key to an archaeolgical mystery.

The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum brings you... The Fresno Alien. Guest lecture by UFO expert Susan Witsend. Is it a cryptid or something else? Friday, August 27th, 6 - 7 pm.

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