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Paranormal News! 27 Nov. 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! And here's hoping there are no paranormal mysteries occuring around the holiday dinner table. Because that could go very, very wrong. Our staff is taking the holiday off and the museum will be closed the 26th through the 28th.

But the paranormal news goes on!

1) COVID Zombie Minks? Minks are rising from their tiny little graves in Denmark, but there actually IS a scientific explanation for it...

2) Keanu Reeves believes in ghosts after a paranormal experience of his own! I knew there was a reason I liked him, aside from his awesome movies.

3) The ghosts of Japan's tsunami.

4) The strange surge of 2020 UFO sightings.

5) Just for fun, here's a map of the most famous mythical creatures in every US state.


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