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Paranormal News! 29 Jan., 2021

Has this month gone fast? I think it's gone fast. Or maybe 2020 just seemed supernaturally... long. Anyway, here's this week's top 5 in paranormal mysteries!

1) Strange lights in the sky reported during a power outtage in Farmington, NY. And no, we do not have UFO exhibits at the paranormal museum, but I can't resist some of these stories.

2) And an astrophysicist argues that we've already been visited by aliens.

3) Cosmo provides witchy quotes for inspiration. Feeling witchy? Visit our fortune telling room!

4) House prices drops on Manson murder house... which is about the only thing which will lower the price of real estate in California.

5) The tradition of the theater ghost light.

And speaking of the theater...

The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum brings you the cursed corpse! STOP BY THE MUSEUM AND BROWSE ARE COLLECTION OF cursed and haunted objects, including this cursed prop from the movie, BEASTS OF EARTH!


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