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Paranormal News! 4 December, 2020

It's that magical time of the year... the holidays! Which happen to be pretty darn paranormal. Flying reindeer? A Christmas demon? Gryla the Christmas ogress?


And let's not forget San Benedetto's famous 30-foot Christmas cow that someone sets on fire almost every year. That's not paranormal, but it is irritating. I just don't think arson should be a tourist attraction.


1) About that monolith that mysteriously appeared in the Utah desert? It's disappeared. Maybe not quite so mysteriously...

2) And then a monolith appeared in Romania... And also disappeared. Is this the work of aliens or pranksters? You be the judge.

3) If any place deserves to be haunted, it's an abandoned Scottish mental hospital. So no surprise someone may have photographed a ghost in a gown there.

4) EVPs, otherwise known as electronic voice phenomena are, in my opinion, the sketchiest of proof when it comes to evidence of ghosts. It just seems that people hear what they want to hear in these crackly recordings. But. Here are some recordings paranormal investigators captured inside Real Mary King's Close.

5) The Germanic Christmas demon, Krampus, seems to be making inroads in America. New Orleans is having a drive through Krampus parade on December 5th. On a side note, I thought the movie Krampus was totally underrated.


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