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Paranormal News! 5 November 2021

Okay, I admit it. I'm a little sad the Halloween season is over. Fortunately, there are a lot of holidays getting ready to roll, and the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum is here for it!

1) Everything you know about America's most haunted house may be based on a lie. The Winchester fraud.

2) The Smithsonian tackles the legend of the Mothman.

3) The oldest known haunted house story comes from a Greek philosopher.

4) When fictional "things" come to life - and not in a good way. (Weirdly enough, I recently read a paranormal romance about this - now I'm wondering if it's true or not).

5) Is Disneyland really haunted?

The San Benedetto Paranormal Musuem brings you... Hauntings. apparation? shadow person? thoughtform? learn the different types of 'ghosts" in this haunting lecture. Saturday, 7 PM at the san benedetto Paranormal Museum.


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