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Paranormal News! 8 April 2022

This week's news is very cryptid heavy. I'm not sure what's going on, but that's just how it shook out!

1) I'm always happy to give shout-outs to other paranormal museums, and the International Cryptozoology Museum has just opened a new shop in Bangor, Maine. Its first exhibits include a Yeti head and Bigfoot prints. Congratulations to the ICM!

2) And in other Bigfoot news, Trent University has its own Sasquatch Club searching for the creature.

4) Demon captured in a prism? Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum has this on exhibit.

5) Saints and demons in 17th century Canada. (This woman's story has all the makings of a horror movie).

Image of woman standing next to Bigfoot statue. Meet Bigfoot at the San Benedetto paranormal museum and take a selfie!


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