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Paranormal News! 8 April 2022

This week's news is very cryptid heavy. I'm not sure what's going on, but that's just how it shook out!

1) I'm always happy to give shout-outs to other paranormal museums, and the International Cryptozoology Museum has just opened a new shop in Bangor, Maine. Its first exhibits include a Yeti head and Bigfoot prints. Congratulations to the ICM!

2) And in other Bigfoot news, Trent University has its own Sasquatch Club searching for the creature.

3) The first sighting of Loch Ness monster this year might not have been the first after all.

4) Demon captured in a prism? Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum has this on exhibit.

5) Saints and demons in 17th century Canada. (This woman's story has all the makings of a horror movie).

Image of woman standing next to Bigfoot statue. Meet Bigfoot at the San Benedetto paranormal museum and take a selfie!


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