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Paranormal News! 8 July 2022

--By Maddie Kosloski of the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum

San Benedetto may be supernaturally hot post July 4th, but the Paranormal Museum's A/C is working. So come on down, chill out, and marvel at some of the weird and peculiar in this marvelous world! But if you can't, don't miss our merch store HERE for Paranormal Museum hoodies, tees, and mugs.

And now, here's my top five paranormal news roundup for the week.

1) Does this archaeological find in China mean fairies should be taken seriously?

2) Weird video from Canada may have captured a pair of Bigfoot stalking a deer.

3) But Michigan police doubt a recently reported Sasquatch sighting.

4) Why are we so entranced by lake monsters? Part 1 and Part 2.

5) What's in a real ghost hunter's kit?

Flyer: the san benedetto paranormal museum brings you communing with fairies. Workshop with Lavender Crowblossom. Saturday at 7 pm at the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum.


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