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Paranormal News, 9 April 2021

Welcome to another wild week of the mysteries of the paranormal. It really is a wacky world.

1) Is Bigfoot a very real-world cryptid that just is very, very good at playing hide and seek? Or is there something paranormal about the creature?

2) Haunted county jail for sale, and the price may be right.

4) It's interesting how "normal" paranormal elements such as Tarot have become in today's society. I'm not sure what it means, if anything. But I found this article about how to read Tarot cards in the New York Times. It's fairly basic, but has some good advice for beginners.

5) And in that vein, from the Jerusalem Post, an article on the difference between Tarot, Angel, and Oracle cards.

Damsel in a Dress

Bridesmaid duties can be deadly…

Maddie Kosloski has more than wedding cake on her plate. She’s managing her paranormal museum, helping her best friend Adele with wedding plans, and trying to prove that Adele’s vintage wedding dress is most definitely not haunted.

But when a bridesmaid turns up murdered, Maddie has to solve the crime to save the wedding. As her bouquet of suspects grows, and everyone’s alibis have the ring of truth, Maddie begins to doubt this wedding will go off without a hitch.

If you love laugh-out-loud mysteries, witty heroines, and a touch of the paranormal, you’ll love Damsel in a Dress, book 5 in the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series of novels. Pre-order this twisty cozy mystery today!

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