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Paranormal News! 9 October, 2020

Happy Halloween season, everyone! Here's this week in paranormal mystery!

1) A medium who died twice (!) claims there's life after death. Oddly, dying wasn't what precipiated her being able to speak with spirits. Apparently that was going on for years before her first death.

2) The paranormal is booming on TikTok, and we can guess that there'll be an even bigger uptick during the spooky season.

3) Has the Loch Ness monster been caught on sonar? Or is it just a school of fish?

4) She was called a crazy witch, but she may have been the inventor of abstract art. People are taking another look at the life and work of Swedish medium Hilma af Klint.

5) Mothman? Bigfoot? Alien? Rockford, IL resident admits to encounter with a giant black creature with glowing red eyes. What do you think it is?

Looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit? Stop by the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum!

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