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Paranormal News! Friday the 13th of May, 2022

--By Maddie Kosloski

Mercury's in retrograde, and it's Friday the 13th. What could possibly go wrong? Not this roundup of my top five picks for this week's paranormal news!

3) I've seen gags about squirrels as watchers and birds as watchers, but seagulls, specifically as alien spies? These sorts of stories are giving honest conspiracy theorists a bad name.

4) Paranormal Afghanistan. Cryptid encounter, or the fog of war?

5) At last, GoogleMaps is being used for something truly engaging: tracking cryptids. (It was between this Bigfoot story and fresh Bigfoot video, but I couldn't get the video to load and the stills looked more like a bear than a bigfoot, so, GoogleMaps won).

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