• Kirsten Weiss

Paranormal News! Jan. 8, 2021

Welcome to the new year! I wish you all mystery, magic, and peace.

And now, here's what we've got for my top five paranormal news picks!

1) And I'm a little embarrassed to start this list with another list, but this list of the top ten cryptozoology stories of 2020 is pretty cool.

2) And 15 bizarre museums for your next roadtrip across America. I confess, I'm a little disappointed the San Borromeo Paranormal Museum didn't make the list, but that's just something to strive for next year.

3) A poignant Washington Post story about a hospice patient visited by a ghost who promised to be there when he crossed to the other side.

4) Lockdown or no, Italy's celebration of Befana, the Epiphany witch, goes on.

5) Here's a Tarot reading for 2021, by Zodiac sign.


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