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Paranormal News! October 22, 2021

The big day is approaching... Halloween! Be sure not to miss our collection of antique Halloween postcards from the early 1900s. (It's your chance to read someone's mail, guilt free!)

1) Christchurch, NZ fires its official wizard. How can I get paid to be an official wizard? Because it sounds like a good gig.

2) Can cats see spirits? GD Cat at the museum certainly seems to.

5) The Spiritualist Movement rose to prominence in America in the late 1800s and made its way to England. The London newspaper, The Spiritualist, began publishing in 1869, and now you can browse its old issues online. (BTW, the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum has the largest collection of spiritualist artifacts in Centra California. You can find them in our Fortune Telling Room).

The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum Brings You... Vintage Halloween Postcards. Stop by the museum's gallery for a special edhibit of Halloween postcards from the early 1900s! Wednesday - Sunday, 10 AM - 5 PM.


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