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Paranormal News of the Week! 16 September 2022

I'll be taking a brief hiatus as I tour some other paranormal museums and sister organizations. There's a big change coming for the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum, and I've... got a lot to learn and do. In the meantime, here's your paranormal news of the week!

1) A ghost sighting in Cambodia causes mass hysteria.

2) Camera catches a ghost pulling a toy from a toddler's hands. OR DOES IT...?

3) Actress Ana de Armas claims to have felt the spirit of Marilyn Monroe while filming the Netflix show Blonde.

4) Did you know PA ranks third in the nation for Bigfoot sightings? Neither did I.

5) How an 8th-grade civics class helped reverse the last conviction in the Salem witch trials.

Can't stop by the museum? No problem! You can pick up some museum swag at our online shop HERE.

Flyer: the san benedetto paranormal museum brings you ghost hunting. Learn how to conduct a paranormal investigation. Saturday, 7 PM, at the San benedetto paranormal museum


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