Paranormal News of the Week! 18 March, 2022

The Spring Equinox lands on the 20th this year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Personally, I can't wait for the days to start lengthening, even if sunshine and flowers isn't the Paranormal Museum vibe. So happy Spring, everyone! And here's my top five paranormal news round-up:

1) Obama's presidential library has thousands of files on... UFOs???

2) California hiker may have found evidence of Bigfoot.

3) Why we need to approach paranormal investigations with a clinical eye.

4) Nessie sightings have been inexplicably absent so far this year. What's going on? It might have to do with Aleister Crowley...

5) Some Russian witches are casting spells on Putin's behalf.

Flyer: The San Benedetto Paranormal Museum brings you Nature Spirits. Nature spirits, fairies, elementals. Learn the difference at this lecture by Gardenia Ravencroft. Saturday, 7 PM at the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. Image of Under the Dock Leaves: An Autumnal Evening Dream, a watercolor painting by Richard Doyle


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