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Paranormal News of the Week! 22 April, 2022

I sent in my taxes on time, and am slowly recovering from the shock. If there was ever an occult, demonic conspiracy, its tentacles are in the US tax code.

But I digress.

Here's your paranormal news roundup for the week!

1) Why social media ruins everything, part 23,426. Witchtok turns toxic.

2) The treasure trove of the Knights Templar... Hidden under a house in England? Is this the location of the Holy Grail?

3) Bigfoot sighting in New Jersey!

4) Looking to move to Florida? This house once owned by a famous white witch is for sale and is reputed to have some super good vibes.

5) A haunted California hotel hosts 49 ghosts.

Flyer with photo of broom. The San Benedetto paranormal museum brings you broom making. Looking for that perfect witch's broom. Make your own at our broom making workshop. Saturday 7 PM. Fee $25.

Can't make it to the museum? Order your own Paranormal Museum hoodie online HERE.


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