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Publishing Schedule 2021

I'm one of those people who have to tell people what I'm going to do in order to force myself to stick to deadlines and do it. The stench of potential failure works strongly on me.

So, here's my publishing schedule for 2020:

February 18th: War of the Squirrels, book 4 in the Wits' End cozy mystery series. (I actually have a cover for this book, see above).

April 30th: Damsel in a Dress, book 5 in the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum cozy series. I just got the cover for this book too (above).

June 30th: Unbound. This is book 10 in the Doyle Witch series and book 9 in the Riga Hayworth mystery series. How? It's a crossover, told from the point of view of Jayce Bonheim and Riga Hayworth. It will be published within the Doyle Witch series, but it's about 50-5o Riga/Jayce, so if you're a Riga fan, be sure to watch for it.

August 31st: Never Say Chai, book 4 in the Tea and Tarot cozy mystery novels.

Sometime in October: I'll be publishing a Riga Hayworth novelette in the Moons, Magic, and Mystery anthology. Since I'm not running the anthology, I don't know the exact date yet (and I'm honestly not sure on the title), but last year it came out in early October.

October 31st: The Bantam Menace, book 5 in the Wits' End cozy mystery series.

November 30th: Susan's Advent to Murder. I'm taking the mystery game I ran last December and turning it into a short story, so you may have already read this one if you played the game.

If I don't make these goals, feel free to send me a shaming email. Honestly. It helps.


4 hozzászólás

I'm so excited about a new Paranormal Museum book! It was the series that hooked me into ALL of your books. I'm in book two of Riga, and have to finish them so that I'm ready for Unbound. You made my summer with your series... I broke my arm and read all the Doyle Witch books (and Susan's UFO books) while I was down and out.

Kirsten Weiss
Kirsten Weiss
2021. márc. 04.
Válasz címzettje:

Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear about your broken arm. That sounds terrible.

I'm very excited to get back to the paranormal museum. In fact, I just finished some rough plotting for the next book in the series, tentatively titled Deadly Bargain. The story surrounds an estate auction at a house filled with artifacts from the American spiritualist movement. Herb and Maddie will be butting heads over who the paranormal collector is!


Kirsten Weiss
Kirsten Weiss
2021. jan. 25.

Thank you, Sharon! I'm glad you had fun with Advent to Murder, and I'm looking forward to creating another for 2021!


Love the title Damsel in a Dress and I think it's wonderful that you're turning the Advent from December into a short story! You worked hard on Susan's Advent to Murder and we loved it!

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