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Renaissance Love Spells

--By Kirsten Weiss

One of the many things I love about writing is the excuse to research arcane topics. So in the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are some love spells from the Renaissance:

1. "Love's Whisper" 💭🕯️

Whisper sweet nothings into a candle flame, then use the resulting wax to make a love amulet.

2. "Herbs of Passion" 🌿💕

Gather a bouquet of herbs associated with love and passion, then burn them in a ritual. Herbs associated with romance include spearmint, lavender, basil, rosemary, marjoram, and thyme.

3. "Star-Crossed Lovers" 🌟❤️

Map the positions of celestial bodies and draw a connection between two lovers.

4. "Sweetheart's Bind" 💕🎀

Tie a knot in a ribbon or string, symbolizing the binding of two hearts.

5. "Moonlit Promise" 🌕💍

Make a promise to your loved one under the light of the full moon.

6. "Heart's Fire" 🔥❤️

Light a fire and use it to heat a piece of metal until it is red hot, then press it to a piece of paper with a love message written on it.

7. "Love's Lasting Embrace" 💕🤗

A spell that involves creating a talisman that will keep two lovers together, even after death.

8. "Lover's Eye" 👁❤️

Create a small, intricate painting or drawing of a lover's eye, then carry it as a talisman.

9. "Rose of Love" 🌹❤️

Use a rose as a talisman and imbue it with the power of love.

10. "Love's Binding Oath" 💕🤞

Make a binding oath to your loved one, using a piece of ribbon or string as a physical representation of the promise.

And WHY you ask, am I researching Renaissance love spells? Just for the fun of it. But I do have a new witch mystery coming out this March...

The Banshee Detective: A Midlife Magic Mystery

Riga’s engaged to the man of her dreams. But as the big day approaches, a cold case in an Irish pub is unearthing insecurities about her magic and upcoming marriage. Will this middle-aged metaphysical detective get cold feet?

And when a Celtic fairy gets involved, she must navigate between the demands of justice here and from the Otherworld. Riga’s going to have to dig deep into her bag of tricks to crack this case. But can she adapt before it’s too late?

This Riga Hayworth novella takes place between the events in The Shamanic Detective and The Infernal Detective. If you’re a fan of fast-paced urban fantasy, don’t miss this twisty paranormal mystery, because this complicated, 40-something heroine isn’t like the others...

Book cover: The Banshee Detective by Kirsten Weiss

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