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Shelter in Place, Day 18 - Maddie Kosloski 👻

GD cat, glowering

It should come as no surprise that paranormal museums are not considered essential businesses.

We’re closed.

I'm only at the museum now to feed the cat.

And he is furious. You can’t explain to a cat, even a ghost-detecting cat, that social distancing saves lives. And even if you could, I’m not sure GD would care. He’s a cat, after all, and he’s not one of those cuddly, loving cats. He’s a predator, and paranormal museum visitors are his prey. Fortunately, all he wants from them is amazement and adoration as he stares blankly at a spot on the wall.

Unfortunately, our local paranormal object collector, Herb, does NOT get the fine points of social distancing. He’s determined to pawn a haunted plague doctor’s mask off on me.

I keep trying to tell him (from a safe distance) it’s a little too on-the-nose, not to mention chilling.

In fairness, a month ago, I probably would have succumbed and bought the thing. But life has changed rapidly here in central California.

Still, the mask, which Herb is currently pressing against the outside of the museum window, is a good reminder. Humanity has come through pandemics before. And we know a lot more about these things than we did in the past.

I don't think what's coming will be easy. But I guess what I’m saying is, I’m optimistic.

But I’m still not buying that damn mask.

- Maddie Kosloski, San Benedetto Paranormal Museum


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