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Shelter in Place - Day 20: Lenore Bonheim 📚

When it comes to self-isolation, introverts have an advantage. We still need food and toilet paper (what is it with these ongoing TP shortages?). But being alone isn’t anything new for us. In fact, it’s preferable. Social distancing has been my mantra since I was a kid.

Only six feet away? I think we can do better than that.

As for entertainment, while I’m sure there are introverts without a huge TBR pile of books by their bed, I don’t know any.

But hey, I’m an introvert. I don’t know many people, period.

And did I say beside the bed? I keep unearthing books in my bed.

My little bookstore on Main Street is closed, which, as my sister Jayce would say, bites. But my rare book business is still going strong. A little thing like a global pandemic isn’t going to stop a book collector. They’re obsessive. And a lot of the business these days is online, so…

I won’t say life is good, but life goes on. I wish I could cast a spell to end this pandemic. I’m a shamanic witch, after all, and I’ve helped cure people. But I’m still a novice. This is beyond me.

And I miss my sister Karin. She’s an entire town away, in Angels Camp. And she’s being extra careful because of her toddler, Emmie. So, we take precautions, plan for the worst, hope for the best.

And Karin stays away from Doyle.

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